Program Evaluation of the Special Needs and Moving On Projects of CUPW-UPCE-PSAC

In October 2017, the Canadian Centre on Disability Studies completed a multi-year evaluation of the Special Needs (SNP) and Moving On (MO) Projects in collaboration with the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW). With recognition of the demands of work and parenting, the SNP and MO projects provide resources and support for workers at the post office whose children have disabilities. Project supports are available to members of the CUPW and the Union of Postal Communications Employees-Public Service Alliance of Canada (UPCE-PSAC). Evaluation results indicated that the SNP and MO projects are providing needed supports for working parents of children with disabilities. However, due to the broad systemic challenges facing working parents of children with disabilities, members continue to experience need for greater financial, child care, therapeutic and other supports for their child (ren).

CMHC Visitability

Findings from the interviews completed during this phase of the project demonstrated a strong support for VisitAble Housing due to simplicity, broad applicability, and its tendency to promote inclusion, socialization and human rights. Interview participants also noted that due to inconsistencies in use of the term ‘VisitAble’, lack of housing specifications, and confusion about the concept of the term, future phases of VisitAble Housing is necessary to promote the social inclusion of persons with disabilities in Canada.

Institute for Knowledge Mobilization

In 2017, CCDS founded a partnership with the Peter Norman Levesque and the Institute for Knowledge Mobilization (IKM). Together, CCDS and IKM have explored the art and science of knowledge mobilization on disability issues, seeking to transform and disseminate research and connecting researchers, students, administrators, and community leaders. In partnership, CCDS and IKM are currently planning for a 2-day interdisciplinary conference, (inclusive of a pre-conference) for learning and professional development in Winnipeg, entitled “Mobilizing Evidence for Human Rights and the Social Development Goals”.

Persons with Disabilities as Caregivers: Understanding Support Requirements and the Path to Developing Effective Models for Caregiving Assistance: 2008–2009

The purpose of this nine-month project (funded by Human Resources and Social Development Canada) is to focus on a range of issues that exist for people with disabilities as they contemplate or assume the role of informal “caregivers” to other adults.

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