“Emerging Trends among Seniors and Disability Sectors: From Wisdom and Lessons to New Ideas”. Funded by Winnipeg Foundation: June 2007–March 2008.

The goal of the project will be to foster a dialogue between Manitoba disability and seniors organizations on common issues, gaps and trends in services and programs. Lessons learned will be shared and an on-going Manitoba network on aging (seniors) and disability issues will be developed.

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Development of Comprehensive Knowledge-based Framework to addressing the Needs of Canadians with Long-Term Disabilities who are aging: March 2007–March 2008

To develop a pilot knowledge-based framework for addressing the needs of aging population of people with disabilities, that will support community living and participation and be based on partnership between community organizations, service providers, researchers and governmental departments.

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Development of Community Support Strategies for Manitoba Farmers who live with disabilities and their families: December 1, 2006–August 31, 2007

Through research, networking, and resource development, this project worked to support greater participation of farmers with disabilities in the workforce and in their communities, greater coordination between service providers, and empowerment of farmers with disabilities.

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Women with Disabilities Accessing Trade: July 2004

This project is investigating (1) how trade in health services and assistive devices affects women with disabilities and (2) how women with disabilities are able to access trade services and information. Status of Women Canada is the funder.

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Arts Ability Project: 2002–2004

This two-year project began in July 1, 2002 and involved the development, implementation and evaluation of art, drama, music, and dance programs to empower children and adults with disabilities in four sites in Manitoba. Programs were designed to foster creative self-expression and create new opportunities to support community participation in and contribution to Canadian society.

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A large scale international paper map on a table showing with pushpins pointing out different locations.


Organizations and stakeholders outside of Canada play a valued role.

The Canadian Parliament buildings photographed from across the river on a winter day. Framed by a tree with red winter berries.


Across Canada, national organizations make a difference every day.

A young, smiling man, walking down an urban city sidewalk, listening to music.


In municipalities across Canada, meaningful change happens at the local level.

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