New Communication Tools Video Released

The Community Tools Project is a user-friendly guide of tools in Winnipeg that can help people communicate in important situations. We have been working on this project, with our partner Inclusion Winnipeg, in phases over the past several years.

This guide provides you with general information about communication challenges and offers a few tips to various stakeholders who may be involved. Our hope is that, after reviewing the information in this guide, you will not only be more aware of the communication tools available in Winnipeg, but that you will also feel a bit more comfortable interacting with others. This guide was designed for:

  • People who have disabilities and/ or communication challenges
  • People who are part of a support network supporting a person with communication challenges. This may include Direct Support Professionals or family members
  • First Responders who interact with people with communication challenges during emergencies.

To date, we have published our communication guide in english and french and are proud to announce the launch of our new video that reviews our guide and goes deeper into the tools available for folks in the Winnipeg community.

Please share these resources far and wide, and together we can build a safer community for everyone.