A mother and child embracing.

Specific focus areas

Strategic partnerships

We work with stakeholders—disability communities, government, researchers, and private enterprise.


Working closely with partners, Eviance seeks to realize lasting change at a behavioral and system level.

Capacity building

Through partnerships and collaborations, capacity building means stakeholders, including CCDS, can take actions they identify as important.

Best-evidence approaches

Working from best evidence, we work with people where they are at today. Knowledge means power.


Inclusive of diverse persons with disabilities, including those with mental health issues.

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Values in action

Values power actions at Eviance. This is how change happens. All are bound together by relationships between those values and the actions they produce.

A LGBTQ couple embracing and walking in the street.


A fundamental approach to our work, it means we reflect the needs and interests of diverse disability communities with lived experiences inclusive of race/ethnicity, indigeneity, gender, age, sexual orientation, class and ability.

An elderly couple standing in a field of canola and smiling.

Human rights

Guided by the United Nations’ Universal Declaration on Human Rights, our work aims to realize an inclusive, equitable and accessible society for all using intersectional, sustainable and human-rights-based approaches.

A young man with a disability creating artwork at a wooden table.


Being inclusive is about more than just listening to a range of perspectives. It’s how gaps in existing policies, programs and services get identified. And how all forms of discrimination and exclusion get addressed.

A woman conversing with work colleagues around a boardroom table.


Change happens together. Though collaborations and capacity building, partnerships build lasting solutions to address social, political and economic issues facing people with disabilities and their families, friends and partners.

A man with cerebral palsy working in an office at a computer station.


Forward thinking helps everyone do more and make deeper change happen in less time. Eviance embraces innovation as a fundamental driver because it helps us convey humanitarian, evidence-informed, equitable approaches to advance inclusion, equity and accessibility everywhere.

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