Projects developed under CCDS’s leadership

A large scale international paper map on a table showing with pushpins pointing out different locations.


Organizations and stakeholders outside of Canada play a valued role.

The Canadian Parliament buildings photographed from across the river on a winter day. Framed by a tree with red winter berries.


Across Canada, national organizations make a difference every day.

A grouping of provincial flags looking upwards towards the sky.


Provincial organizations and stakeholders are the vanguard of ideas and actions that make a difference.

A young, smiling man, walking down an urban city sidewalk, listening to music.


In municipalities across Canada, meaningful change happens at the local level.

You can make a difference

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How we help

Consider the many ways that Eviance makes a difference in Canada and beyond.

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Improving lives

Community-based, best-evidence research, education and development towards an inclusive, equitable and accessible society means an improved quality of life for people with disabilities in Canada and beyond.

A woman looking out across a green mountain vista wearing a hiking pack.

Redefining what’s possible

Turning disability into action means empowering people, giving them confidence and a solid foundation to contribute fully to civic life. Small steps taken incrementally can effect big changes. This is how Eviance helps transform what is possible.

A group of women with disabilities embracing each other and smiling happily.

Building communities

Knowledge helps build communities and helps everyone grow. With Eviance as that hub of insights and capacity-building expertise, we will ensure that the needs and interests of disability communities are well served.

Stay Connected

Eviance can help you learn, share and grow in terms of your knowledge of — and passion for — disability issues in Canada and beyond.