Eviance Receives Funding Through Winnipeg Foundation Stabilizing Grant




Winnipeg, Manitoba – Eviance is pleased to announce we are recipients of a Winnipeg Foundation Stabilizing Grant, totalling $30,000.

The Winnipeg Foundations Stabilizing Grant is designed to support the short- and medium-term financial needs of local charitable organizations affected by revenue loss and unexpected expenses due to the COVID-19 pandemic. For Eviance, access to this funding is a relief, as the organization hasn’t yet qualified for other national relief funding for non-profits,

“COVID has challenged the stability for many non-profits. For ourselves, this funding is particularly important as we have not qualified for national COVID relief funding since we are not a front- line organization, working instead in community-based research, education and development.” -Executive Director of Eviance Susan L. Hardie

This funding will support Eviance in restructuring in response to the impact of the pandemic, focusing in on our virtual capacity to engage in research and knowledge-to-action activities and work to bridge the technical divide exposed through the pandemic.

Further to this, this funding will help Eviance increase our project impacts and ensure we keep staff dedicated to work in Winnipeg and more broadly Manitoba, particularly focusing on projects related to diverse disability community needs, such as our Emergency Card Project,

“This funding enables us to work with various communities to ensure uptake of our Emergency Card Project, which is focused on providing first responders and emergency personelle with general information about communication challenges and offers support recommendations to various stakeholders who may be involved in emergencies. The hope of this guide is that first responders will be more aware of the communication tools available in Winnipeg and increase their capacity and comfort in their interactions with individuals with disabilities during emergencies.”- Susan L. Hardie, Executive Director of Eviance

For over 26-years Eviance has been helping people with disabilities in Canada, and their allies, advance human rights through intersectional community-based research that is co-created with diverse disability communities and is committed to sustainable solutions rooted in action.

For more information, please contact the ED of Eviance – Susan Hardie, 204-960-4736, susan.hardie@eviance.ca

English Media Release (PDF)