We are thrilled to launch Communication Tools: A Guide, a user-friendly guide of tools in Winnipeg that can help people communicate with First Responders in emergencies.

The Guide is available in English and French, in both digital and printed formats.

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Grandfather and grandson with disability smiling and embracing.

Who we work with

Group of disabled people of multiple ages and backgrounds.

Disability communities

Comprising a wide range of individuals in terms of experience and goals, all are united in advancing disability issues in Canada, informed by human rights.

The Senate at the Parliament of Canada.

Government & public sector

Federal, provincial, municipal and territorial governments, along with Crown agencies are valued partners in the pursuit of an inclusive, equitable and accessible society for all.

Group of young researchers talking.

Academic & research communities

Eviance supports the next generation of researchers, working together to address social, political and economic issues faced by people with disabilities in Canada and abroad.

Workplace meeting around a table that includes a man in a wheelchair.

Private sector

Through successful relationships with private enterprise, together we explore issues faced by those with disabilities, using evidence-based approaches to find lasting solutions.

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What is Eviance?

A place where people who are passionate about cross-disability and human rights issues can go to learn, share and grow.

Two friends looking at a smartphone and laughing together.


Eviance helps stakeholders learn more about disability issues with the aim of achieving behavioral and system-wide change. That includes addressing multiple, cross-cutting experiences shaped by race/ethnicity, gender, age, orientation and ability.

A group of female students of different races having a discussion.


It’s vital to have an information hub where people can go to obtain and share the latest research on disability issues. This is where Eviance excels as a valued national resource. We seek to achieve behavioral and system-wide change.

Two siblings laughing and embracing their brother in a wheelchair.


Eviance helps create strategic partnerships to amplify the voices of many who speak passionately on disability issues. Together, we create ideal conditions for ideas to grow, for voices to amplify and for lasting change to be actualized.